As we continue to grow our collective of community professionals in our free Community-Led Alliance Slack community, it’s important that we check in regularly with our wonderful members to understand what makes CLA the place they want to be.

This time, we spoke to Revathi Menon, Community Manager at Gainsight, about what she thinks of the community.

Here’s our chat. 👏

Hi Revathi, tell us a little bit about yourself

Revathi: My name is Revathi Menon and I am a community manager at Gainsight. I joined with over 5 years of experience in the field of social media and digital marketing, and then I made a move to the SaaS space as a community manager and I’m thoroughly loving it.

If you don’t find me around on community, I’m probably just busting a move to a BTS classic.

What made you sign up for the Community-Led Alliance Slack channel?

Revathi: I was looking forward to meeting folks from the same space, learning about community, and sharing thoughts.

This is a great space for folks in this field to grow together and make long-lasting connections.

Has our community taught you anything or helped you out so far?

Revathi: I’ve found that the community often helps each other out. I’ve met some fantastic folks who have been so open to sharing their knowledge, having discussions, and more - especially when I started off in this space. I believe that will continue always!

I particularly enjoy the #questions channel, and that’s been where the majority of my first interactions have been. It’s great to see what people are curious about and become more curious myself.

It’s also great to see the #jobs channel and know that community management is being seen so much more in the roles companies are hiring for.

What do you like most about our Slack community?

Revathi: I love all the introductions. It’s so great to see how many folks are in this space from across the globe.

I also enjoy dabbling into the #questions channel as well for learning and sharing.

Why should other community professionals or enthusiasts sign up for Community-Led Alliance’s Slack channel?

Revathi: It’s a great space to start or expand your community management journey.

I feel like it’s not every day you get a space to share with like-minded folks and have healthy conversations, so CLA has a very genuine community feel.

Would you recommend the CLA community to other people?

Revathi: Definitely. I have mentioned it to a few folks already.

What’s exciting you about the community in the future?

Revathi: The fact that this is turning eventually into a space in which all companies are interested to invest their time and money is so exciting.

Companies have started seeing value in having a community space to hear actual valuable discussions about their products from clients as well as folks within the industry.

The fact that they are able to have this honest information at their disposal to improve their product further and get unfiltered feedback - that is what community is all about.

Community helping community. That vision is getting closer with more companies showing interest in this space now - and it's great to see this happening in a space like CLA.

Do you think anything needs to change about the community industry going forward?

Revathi: One thing I always hold to heart is that a community is not just a community manager’s job from the company. It has to tie into all levels within the company to run and uphold the conversations in the community. It has to start from the top-level folks to the newbies who get inducted.

Community value doubles and triples when everyone in the company is tied into seeing its value and contributing to it.

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