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Want more concrete proof that the Community-Led Alliance space is where you need to be? Here's what Katie Browning, Manager of Community Engagement at Copado, has to say about our community.

Tell us about yourself

I’m Katie! I work at Copado (a software company focused on devops for Salesforce) and manage all engagement and programs within the Copado Community. The Copado Community is around 3.5-4ish years old. I joined the team about 3 years ago and have had the opportunity to really grow the community.

When I joined we had around 25,000 members and now 91,000. We have programs like the Copado Mentorship, Copado Champions, Engagement Challenges, and working on building out a User Group Program.

Our community is global and expands across the US, UK, India, Australia, Spain, etc. Most of the things we do are virtual and within the Copado Community site.

Why did you sign up for the Community-Led Alliance Slack channel?

I want to grow in the community space and learn from others about the work they are doing to help bring more ideas and success to my community. 

How did the community help you in the past?

This community is a great place to brainstorm and see what others are doing and share ideas. It’s also helpful for job searching and making connections with others who do work similar to myself. 

What do you like most about our Slack community?

I appreciate the different discussion channels and that it’s easy to find what I’m looking for.

Would you recommend the Community-Led Alliance community to other people? Why?

I would recommend this to other people in the community space as a resource for knowledge sharing and meeting people on similar missions as your own. 

What’s exciting you about the community in the future?

It seems like it’s growing and there’s going to be more guides in place on how to get involved.

Any final words about the community?

Thank you for providing this space!

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