Community-led growth framework

Community-Led Growth

Adopting a community-led growth (CLG) view can make all the difference. The power of community is unmistakable, from helping you boost customer loyalty to providing you with key feedback and insights.

Community-led growth involves many different concepts you need to master to keep community members engaged and happy—and wanting to recommend your community to everyone else.

Our community-led growth framework covers all the areas needed to navigate the community-led journey.

For each of the four fundamental stages (core goals, skills, knowledge, and responsibilities), we’ve unpacked each of the cogs to arm you with everything you need to improve your understanding of key topics, as you and your team strive to create something truly memorable.

Core goals

Enhancing user experience and engagement, fostering loyalty, and building a sense of belonging are crucial goals for community managers. A successful community-led approach is all about cultivating long-term relationships, as well as driving sustainable growth and reducing churn.

Learn more about the core CLG goals you should be aware of.

Empowering departments with community-led growth
We’re turning the spotlight on some of the crucial departments of your business. That’s right, we’re talking about sales, marketing, finance, and customer success, and exploring how these departments can seriously benefit from a good dose of community love!
Top 6 tips for community marketing and content marketing collaboration
In order to achieve the best results from both community marketing and content marketing strategies, it’s important to recognize exactly what makes them both unique, as well as what unites them.
How Community Managers should foster Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity
Communities are no exception to the increasing importance of Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity (DE&I) in society today. This article breaks down what DE&I means and how Community Managers can foster it in their communities.
The importance of building community, trust, and advocacy
One of the most competitive differentiating factors with developers choosing one product over the other is the continued developer engagements that come through the community, and even nurturing initiatives companies take.
Maximizing community retention for sustainable growth
In this article, we’ll explore various strategies and insights to help maintain and grow your community, ensuring long-term engagement and success.


Being a great community manager or CLG expert requires strong skills like communication, empathy and active listening. Supporting your community will ensure customer success and retention.

The importance of communication in community management
Effective communication strategies facilitate a harmonious environment where members feel valued, understood, and connected.
Community conflict resolution: 7 steps for solving conflicts in your community
Online communities are important spaces for connection, education, and entertainment. However, as communities grow in size and diversity, conflicts inevitably arise.
Building emotional connections in a community
In a world where digital is king, and virtual interactions are replacing more and more face-to-face connections, the importance of emotional bonds within a community cannot be overstated.
Why community managers need to be adaptable
With so much of our lives taking place online, community managers play an essential role in fostering and nurturing online spaces. They’re the bridge between an organization and its audience, ensuring members are heard, valued, and engaged.
What are the responsibilities of a Community Manager?
The answers are usually wrong when you ask people if they know what a Community Manager (CM) is and what they do exactly. Most think that it’s someone who manages a brand’s social media accounts or a person that responds to users’ doubts or questions on Instagram.


Community managers need to vault this vital hurdle in order to succeed in creating and building thriving communities. Not only that, but they must deliver valuable information to customers and members, which is crucial for relationship-building.

A guide to understanding community member roles
Online communities are powerful platforms for brands, and each member plays a specific role. Understanding these roles is essential for effective community leadership.
The role of project management in community growth
For community managers, embracing project management skills into their toolkit can help them streamline operations, improve efficiency, and drive community growth.
How to measure community success (know your KPIs from your OKRs)
It can be tricky to know how to effectively measure the success of a community. Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are tools that can be used by Community Managers to track their success and meet goals.
A business case for community-led growth: Convince your stakeholders
We already know how community-led growth can benefit businesses. But how can you get the buy in? In this article, we’ll give you a business case for CLG and provide you with the means to convince your stakeholders.
Building business strategies around market trends
With trends always evolving, how can you keep on top of them and continue to build your strategy around them?


From onboarding and topic moderation to event organization and metric tracking, community managers have to wear a lot of hats. It’s crucial you align with overall business goals while juggling community responsibilities.

Take your community engagement to the next level with these 6 top tips
Community engagement is non-negotiable when it comes to community-led growth. It’s not enough to just get people in the door, you’ve got to make sure they’re getting involved, having fun, and engaging.
4 community management strategies that boost online engagement
Building an engaged online community in today’s digital world has never been so important. But what kind of strategies ensure it blossoms? In this article, we shed light on how Community Managers can shape the online identity of a brand.
Resource mobilization tips to elevate your community management
Resource mobilization is the process of identifying, acquiring, and effectively utilizing resources—such as funds, volunteers, and partnerships—to support and grow community initiatives.
Your guide to co-creating with customers
Customer co-creation is a powerful process that helps businesses incorporate the needs of consumers into products.
The psychology of community: Why human connection makes CLG work
Belonging to a community, being able to engage with others, and forging authentic relationships are all critical parts of being human. So, it’s no surprise that people look for community in nearly everything they do.
How to monitor your community to increase engagement and growth
Whether you’re managing a forum, a social media group, or a brand community, keeping a close eye on what happens in your community is crucial.
The community management metrics you need to know
Monitoring specific metrics is crucial to measure the success of community management efforts.

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