Building, nurturing, and growing a community takes a lot of dedication. But, for those passionate about creating meaningful spaces for people to unite and come together, that dedication comes naturally. The best community leaders are those that put the people they’re leading, first.

In the second episode of Community-Led Convo, we spoke to Jeni Asaba, Senior Manager of Community Engagement and Advocacy at Jamf. She’s written for us previously about what she looks for in a community manager, and as someone with a passion for forming communities both professionally and personally - she had heaps of brilliant insights to share.

We cover:

  • Jeni’s role at Jamf and her previous experience
  • Her passion for giving back to communities
  • How to get stakeholder buy-in
  • The advice she’d give to those starting out in community building

About Jeni

Jeni began her career in Journalism, studying it at the University of Wisconsin. She continued to follow this passion for writing and research through several jobs as a reporter, then as a copywriter.

It was a few years into her career when she moved to New York and wanted to find a way to give back to the community. She recruited some interns in a mission to donate prom dresses to girls in need, in the Bronx. Despite her interns not seeing the vision, she was determined to make it happen. Thankfully, she was successful - and created Project Prom, which was even featured on local news.

Her personal dedication didn’t stop there, she’s since worked with her husband to build a school in Uganda (where he’s originally from) and they’re set to open up in 2023.

For the last 6 years, she’s been working at Jamf, focusing on customer advocacy and community engagement. Plus, she’s still writing fabulous articles about customer advocacy, engagement, and community. Some of these have been featured on our website, as well as our sister community’s - Customer Marketing Alliance.

About the podcast

Community-led growth is on the rise - an increasing number of SaaS orgs are looking to implement (or grow existing!) community as a key channel for growth.

While the notion of ‘community’ as a potential growth lever isn’t new, only recently has it been recognized as a robust go-to-market strategy that can drive user acquisition, expansion, and retention.

It’s clear to us at CLA that a lack of resources might be holding back businesses in their CLG journey. This podcast is another way we hope to increase people’s understanding of community as a growth strategy.

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