After a much-anticipated launch, the Community-Led Convo Podcast is finally here.

In our first episode, we’re speaking to Nisha Baxi, Head of Community at Gong.

We cover:

  • Nisha’s career background
  • Creating space for different groups within communities
  • Whether community is right for every business
  • Fostering engagement and customer advocacy
  • Advice for anyone new to community

About Nisha

Nisha made her start with a degree in marketing. Her first role was in a marketing capacity at a small startup, alongside a community meetup group she was running just for fun. Through her personal community leadership, she connected with startup founders who needed real feedback - so she offered her services.

During this time, she was approached by Microsoft who encouraged her to take that personal love for community into a full-time position. The rest was history, and she’s been professionally involved in community ever since.

Now, she’s the Head of Community at Gong, working at the bottom of the funnel to keep customers engaged and coming back.

About the podcast

Community-led growth is on the rise - an increasing number of SaaS orgs are looking to implement (or grow existing!) community as a key channel for growth.

While the notion of ‘community’ as a potential growth lever isn’t new, only recently has it been recognized as a robust go-to-market strategy that can drive user acquisition, expansion and retention.

It’s clear to us at CLA that a lack of resources might be holding back businesses in their CLG journey. This podcast is another way we hope to increase people’s understanding of community as a growth strategy.

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