State of Community-Led Growth 2023 Survey

The upcoming State of Community-Led Growth Report is set to map the current landscape of community-led growth (CLG), break down what CLG really means and what its future looks like.

Complete the survey, share your invaluable feedback and play a pivotal role in the Community-Led Alliance’s first-ever comprehensive write-up. 👇

We’ll be digging deep into a selection of critical topics to equip you with a deeper understanding of the current state of community-led growth, including:

🤔 What CLG means
🧗 Highlights/challenges in running a community
📊 Success metrics
🛠 Popular tools
💪 Essential community manager skills

With this report, we’ll not only demystify what community-led growth is, but we’ll uncover what it looks like across the many different businesses adopting it in their strategy. It’s still a new concept to many people, so it can be tricky to understand the ins and outs.

The State of Community-Led Growth Report will pull back the curtain to help you understand just why it’s so valuable, and what you need to make your strategy work.

Before we can get to work though, we need help from our community-led community!

Get involved now!