Community-Led Alliance Panel: How to build a scalable online community from scratch

Community-Led Growth

Catch the replay of our recent panel session, where our panelists discussed the key strategies and tactics needed to create a vibrant and engaged community online. They also explored the challenges and opportunities associated with building an online community, including how to attract and retain members, foster engagement, and scale the community over time.

Meet our speakers:

DeMario Bell, Senior Community Manager at Culture Amp

An innovator and an accomplished community builder, his passion lies at the intersection of mentorship and diversity, equity, and inclusion. In his role as the Senior Community Manager at Culture Amp, he is responsible for leading the global digital communities strategy.

Ewa Magiera, Community Manager at YunoJuno

Ewa has been working in Community Management since 2016. Previously she has worked as a project manager, training, and events manager, and her previous experience has become extremely useful in her community career. She loves how no day on CM's job is ever the same.

Elena Kacan, Community Marketing Manager at Bloomreach

Current Community Marketing Manager at Bloomreach, Elena’s best known for her ability to develop dynamic and collaborative partnerships, create impactful community initiatives and build brand awareness through engaging social media content & experiential event activations.

🧠 How to Build an Online Brand Community Playbook!  🧠

To learn more about building successful online communities from scratch, don't forget to check out our step-by-step guide to community building.

With actionable insights, templates, and top tips from community-led experts, this playbook provides you with everything you need to create a meaningful and impactful brand community.