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Community-Led Alliance is an independent organization dedicated to helping businesses make communities central to growth and development. Through articles, events, reports, podcasts, frameworks, and, our own community, we’ll provide all the resources needed to implement a powerful CLG strategy.

This is where our ambassadors come in. Experts within their field, they play an essential role in helping us provide inspiration, content, and exciting meetups to our growing network of community managers.

What's involved?

🤩 Benefits

📚 Early access to reports
📝 Early access to new courses
🎖Reputable stamp on CV
🧑‍🏫 Special rates across CLA products

💪 Requirements

👋 List us as an ambassador on Linkedin
🌟Provide a Trustpilot review
📱Share our work on social media
🎤 Regular input on Slack

🚨 Terms and Conditions

  • If you work for a vendor or a potential sponsor of our community, we unfortunately won’t be able to accept your ambassador application due to the lead generation opportunities the program provides.
  • We are not able to accept ambassadors who are in between jobs. However, if anything changes you are welcome to reapply for the next cohort. We re-open applications every 6 months.
  • Are you a consultant, business coach, or self-employed professional? We wish you all of the best, but won’t be able to accept your ambassador application due to the lead generation opportunities the program provides.
  • We need to be in consistent communication with you during your time in the ambassador program, if you do not reply to us on Slack or email in a 2-month period, we will have to end your ambassador participation.
  • At the end of your commitment time, if you don’t meet the agreed upon expectations, we won’t be able to continue your participation in the program.
  • We love transparency, and so if at any time during your commitment period you have a change in your job title or circumstance, please do let us know at your earliest convenience.
  • We know there are other ambassador programs out there just like ours, and we won’t stop you from joining them, but we would appreciate that you let us know so that we are aware of this as a community.

👀 You can also see our one-pager and terms and conditions here.

Become a Community-Led Alliance ambassador today

Sounds good so far? Great - you can apply to become an ambassador here 👇

🚨Applications are now closed

After reviewing your application, we'll reach out to you to discuss the next steps!

In the meantime, if you’ve got any questions, get in touch with us, or find us on Slack.

Here are some of the ways that ambassadors help us raise awareness:

👐 Welcome new members into our community.

As a ambassador, you’ll have seen the benefits first-hand and we want to share that with everyone!

📚 Define the role and bring the next generation into it.

The more people that know about community managers the better. That means more talent, more recognition, and more influence.

🚀 Boost recognition and appreciation of Competitive Intel

Help us to make sure everyone knows how important competitive intelligence is. Celebrate the fantastic job that you and your fellow community managers are doing!

What does a Community-Led Alliance ambassador look like?

⭐ Enthusiastic ⭐

We want our ambassadors to be super into being part of the Community-Led Alliance community. It's the whole reason we started! We want you to love working with people who have the same passion for the job.

🎉Engaged 🎉

Don’t worry, we’re not asking for blood, sweat, or tears. At the core of being a Community-Led Alliance ambassador is helping to spread the word. We do ask our ambassadors to be active members of their online community, as that makes building awareness of Community-Led Alliance that much easier.

🤝 Committed 🤝

We're in it for the long run, and we hope our ambassadors will be, too. This doesn't mean we'll be putting loads on your plate - we're just looking for a two-way partnership.

Not looking for a big commitment, but still want to contribute to the community? 🤔

Not a problem. Here are a few other ways you can get involved:

📝 Contribute an article to the site
🎙 Host or guest in a podcast
👋🏻 Join the Slack channel
📢 Speak at an event

Please note:

As we receive a large number of ambassador applications, unfortunately we aren't able to accept everyone onto the program.

We review ambassador contributions annually and we reserve the right to remove them from the program at any time should we feel we no longer have a mutually beneficial relationship.